*fortunes and tons of research spent on machine learning, signal processing and pattern recognition*


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    When I type that on my iPhone nothing happened?
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    @spacem its referring to nudes.
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    People get offended because they think someone actually sits in front of a screen and manually, one by one, inspects each image, and places it into a folder.

    This is exactly why we should teach programming in schools
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    @illusion466 my life, was a lie! 😨
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    @illusion466 I honestly do not know how to script that, and I'm sure it can be done with Python tho
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    @illusion466 I once had a user ask me "so now what do I do" after typing their username and password, on a page with 2 inputs and a big (like 150px by 80px) green button that said "Click me to log in".

    I'm not sure teaching programming can save us anymore
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    @DLMousey Most are just lazy, I had the bad habbit of saying "ah just let me do it" with many of my girlfriends and it always ended in them becoming really lazy and asking most basic things - takes some time to realize that and let them figure out things, so most of those cases had somebody babysit them and never let them figure out things on their own.
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