when Unreal Engine became free to use my Uni refused to install it repeatedly claiming that "no one wants to use it" although basically every student asked for it. I learned Unity instead. Dont get me wrong, Unity is great, but I still havent really got the hang of Unreal and I just cant find the time to dive in.
This is especially frustrating when I see alot of Unreal jobs in my viscinity.

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    everyday an half an hour of Unreal training will get you a long way 😉
    And did you try unreal engine with an oculus rift? It looks way cooler than with unity!
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    @heyheni after Uni ended a couple friends and I started a project together and wanted to learn Unreal for that. So I spent alot of time learning C++, and wrote a pomodoro timer as a CMD app just for practice using C++. then I started using Unreal. Unreal has alot of cool features but somehow I just couldnt get into it. Havent written a single line of code in Unreal...
    VR is great and im going to work with it for my job real soon but personally I am not a big believer in VR. I tried oculus and Vive and.... I think VR needs alot more time to develop and get accessable by common folk. Also I dont own any VR devices yet....
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    @heyheni continuing...
    The Project was cancelled (of course) and I havent touched Unreal since. Could you suggest a good source for Unreal training?
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    @ViktorZin Epic has a lot of tutroials and training videos. Check out their youtube channel. Its mostly blueprint tough.
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    @Olverine yeah... blueprint... awesome... uff.
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    @ViktorZin Yeah I know. I also wish they would provide more C++ tutorials. Have you looked at the official c++ tutorials? https://docs.unrealengine.com/lates...
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    @Olverine thanks, gonna look into that!
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    @ViktorZin try out mapt they have some pretty good books on unreal and a full training course too. Have fun on your unreal journey.
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