Ohhh the opportunities *sighes and continues towards the weird box*

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    I've got the best of both worlds.
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    Who would win?
    A box full of great functions and huge opportunities
    some weird looking creatures?
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    Jokes aside to our young Gen Z users in this site they should learn that specially for us in the IT world should know that connections sure as hell important, whenever they start virtually or just speaking at someone in a starbucks some stuff can happen, dont downplay that
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    To live great life you need piece of both... I now examples that live only one of these lives... I see that is not good life...
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    Weird looking box
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    It's not just a weird looking box! It has a big flat glowy thing plugged into it a lot.
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    @osmarks Only if the user is radioactive
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    Well... My box is already my friend, teacher, employer, entertainer. If my penis would be shaped in a usb form factor I would sleep with it too...
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    I'd honestly go for the left one
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    @cyberlord64 if its a mac, then apple already has a adapter for you called iMicrodick and if Windows then usb3.1 speeds won't let you enjoy sex with your "weird box" long enough to satisfy you.
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    Why go out and get rejected by your crush when you can simulate her and force her to like you
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