Skinned my mother alive. She didn’t feel a thing. Threw away everything except the skin itself, but left the head intact. She’s alive and well, albeit can’t move. I roll her up, pack her in my bag and bring her to school with me.
She wasn’t quite against it, but wasn’t happy either. Just kept talking to me condescendingly, as usual.
Meanwhile, my grandpa recreated his room in Excel and moved there.

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    You didn't like her anyway
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    @retoor if I’m ever presented an opportunity to legally kill her, I would, without a second thought. Is your comment a Grimes reference though?
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    This sounds like an origin story, but not a good one.
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    @kiki totallii
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    @Alexanderr it's only when she's dead that I can be free.
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    @Alexanderr forgiveness is human. My mother is not. If you saw her, you would know what I mean. She’s a living mannequin that feels nothing.
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