Wanted to move to London out of curiosity/adventure. Started doing interviews online and all companies wanted a stage 2/3 in person but that would've been a pretty expensive flight just to go on a short interview, especially with my budget back then.

The guys at my current company were pretty cool and instead we did more video calls and coding tests, then they offered me the job without having to do the face to face.

Had a week to pack up and move here. Never had been in the UK before that. I arrived in the evening, slept at my temporary accommodation and went to work next morning. That's basically how I got here :)

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    wow, had a friend who went to london, after a year she came back home broke because of the rent. So you did it, congratulation!
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    @heyheni thanks mate! Yes, rent can be pretty harsh on your wallet. Even seems ridiculous at first but you get used to it. If you don't demand living in central it becomes pretty affordable.
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    @mzeffect fellow London Dev here, hope you enjoy the city and make use of it! Rent is a tough pill to swallow but once you see what the city has to offer you'll quickly forget!
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