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    Then she looked at her own address, and sighed with relief it's in the 172.16/16 block.

    Noments later, she realized that was her vpns network..
    But it was too late the cold void of null was drawing closer.

    Clinging to her last hope, she extended towards the.. the network connection..

    But it was too late. She received a bsod.
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    @lotd nailed it man 😂 BSOD
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    Savage would be ripping the meme creators spine out and beating them with it.
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    Not sure if it is a good or a bad thing that I find a joke about IP addresses funny... 😂
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    Ima just pretend he was outside wardriving like people did in the 90s. So I can sleep later.
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    I don't get it. Please explain 😅
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    @shadysanda 198.168.*.* is usually the IP address for local network... So the murder is still around
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