Daylight savings time is one of the most malicious concepts ever foisted onto mankind.

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    we voted it out five years ago and it’s still sitting in Congress waiting to be finalized so we don’t have to do it anymore. Do you know that a group of crows called a murder of crows a group of owls called a parliament of owls do you know what a group of baboons is called? If you guessed Congress, that is correct.
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    A night owl probably lives in a totally different timezone anyway so one hour doesn't matter at all.
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    Pubs, bars, coffee shops, and commerce as a whole usually looooove that DST shit, because it means more daylight time for people to buy crap after work.
    You know, "because it's such a beautiful day", even after leaving the office in the "evening".
    Thus this debate is far from over even in places where "waking-up too fucking early"was voted out.
    Because as long as there is 82% margins on pub-poured watered down ale to be made during Daylight Savings Time, there will be shitheads lobbying for it.
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