Microtransactions are ruining the AAA gaming industry. I have always liked a good fighting game. So I looked at Street Fighter 6. Base game is $60, better version is more, bestest version is way more. Plus from reading reviews the fucking game is riddled with microtransactions.

What happened to buying a fucking game and not feeling like you got ripped off? When you bought the fucking game you got the whole fucking game.

I am disgusted with what these big names are doing. Ruining a once less sketchy industry.

I have even seen games that start out good. Then after a few patches they introduce the microtransaction bullshit. The Conan games are like that. The main complaint is adding this bullshit for base game items.

I wonder how they think this is good for their player base. They just fired the dude at Unity over trying to fuck over customers. Of course the company cannot be trusted so a lot of bigger labels are jumping ship to other engines.

What kinda pisses me off is I will try and find a decent game on Steam and look and look and all I find is garbage. How did Steam turn into such a trash heap? I won't touch an EA game (which is where that CEO from Unity came from). It is too bad because I really liked Mass Effect.

tldr - gaming has turned into shit.

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    You're too old for games anyway. Try gardening, a shooting range, cooking or nitting
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    The microtransactions in SF6 are a nothing burger. They’re all for avatar stuff and other in game crap that you do not need. If what you want is to pick up the game and get your ass beaten online, just get the base version and the pass if you want more characters. Alternatively, get Guilty Gear: Strive with all its passes for the same price. You get a good player base and a lot of characters, and more incoming updates.

    @retoor no such thing
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    The secret ingredient is crime.
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    AAA is dead for a while now, just look at the reviews of their releases. Buggy, unfinished, half baked games, for either way to much money + promises, and/or pulling out money put of peoples pocket with MT. They're suiciding themselves.

    Indie is the way to go.
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    no. AAA publishers are ruining the AAA gaming industry.

    and it's a good thing.

    nothing that is even remotely considered "creative" should ever, ever, ever, EVER be an "industry"
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    That's why you should vote with your wallet. I try to do so. I used to sail the high seas before my first serious job, but even after I was able to afford 60 EUR games at release, I've rarely bought them early (because it's rare for me to be impatient to try something at release); I rather wait a year or two so that I catch a nice promotion, plus at that time I might be one GPU gen ahead already, plus the game will have enough patches on top of what's often wrongfully called final release.
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    Steam isn’t shit. They’re just the marketplace.

    AAA studios are shit. They always have been, but lately they’ve found new and more overt ways to suck.
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    I play games from 2000's... Cannot stand these modern bland unfinishes. Try Blood, Summoner, Anachronox etc ..
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