I just stared as a trainee at a webdev firm.. I'm starting a company with my friends parallel to this. I never thought my life would be waking up and doing 13 hours of WordPress.. Today a customer asked me to speed up her website, it had 30 plugins all of which she uses..moving the cache erased the plugin-generated index page, it was nowhere to be found even after pulling backup..

Now I've been home for four hours.. trying to work around a "responsive theme" a customer picked.. It should be called Worsedepress

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    It might be scary, but every second you work there is a second you become less employable. No one wants the Wordpress monkey working on their software.

    If it really is solely Wordpress, get out of there and find a better, closer to the code, developer job.
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    Oh no not at all, I may have phrased it like I'm not thankful for the trainee spot but the guy employing me is my old Web design teacher from college, it's my towns biggest Web development firm and it's just my first assignment, they do laravel and application deployment, flask with python and tons of fun stuff.. and the dudes working there are really helpful too, I won't be the WordPress Monkey for too long I assure you 😏
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    I had an interview for a wordpress job 2days ago. Coming from a Javascript background I can't deal with CMSs right now
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    try avoiding clients with WordPress sites especially with 30+ plugins
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    They do bring the challenge though, and the payola. I'd say the Internet has to live with WordPress for another 6-8 years and then it's gone with the wind, replaced by some smooth CMS that uses polymer or the likes.
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    WordPress is a good cms. But people are downgrading it with loading 20+ plugins for features witch require 10 lines of code. I like WordPress, but overloading with plugins makes me sick.
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