Using devrant on windows phone. Windows phones are so so so nice. Why microsoft did you stop windows phones. They are the best OS and greatest experience. Bring back windows phone please.

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    I have one too and I really liked it. But they won’t come back.
    This is one of the many lessons not to trust MS. They kill all good things that they make.
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    I was so happy with my lumia. I have photos of it and they're way better than from my Samsung S(no idea, a new one). Cortana never came
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    I loved my Nokia lumia 800, one of the first phones I bought for myself, with my own money..

    If you miss the metro design, there is an android rom that emulates that design, with even more options for customization 🪟
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    i loved it too. The Ui was hands down the best. Even Windows Phone Whatsapp looked like it came from a spaceship. Even Cortana had it's charm.
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    Totally agree, UX was the best...but users and press wanted hamburger menu...than apple and google "invented" WP UX with bottom bars and pivot menu
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    @dontbeevil Apple never was a fan of the burger menu. It was always been discouraged in UI guidelines and none of their apps have it.
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    It had potential but it was even less capable than early android versions
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    cuz Microsoft's dumb, Satya Nadella admitted dropping it was a huge mistake
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    @kobenz fun fact, was Satya decision ... Satya is dumb, I agree.
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    this post is an industry plant
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    Wrong week tag tho'.
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