To CoffeeScript or not to CoffeeScript?

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    TypeScript 😎
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    @vinerz why?
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    @vinerz really? Why? Seems nice, less verbose.
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    @JoseHdez2 exactly what I was going to say!
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    My argument is that CoffeeScript is not a language worth learning because CoffeeScript is not a language. CoffeeScript is JavaScript. You don't "Think in CoffeeScript," you "Think in JavaScript." Only you think in well-crafted JavaScript.

    Obviously, CoffeeScript has a different syntax, but only in the most superficial way. If JavaScript was English, CoffeeScript wouldn't be another language like French, it wouldn't be a dialect like Jamaican Patois, it would be technical jargon like the conversation one programmer might have with another.

    CoffeeScript doesn't introduce dramatic new ways to organize programs like continuations, promises, or monads. All of the transformations it produces are local: If you look at a small snippet of CoffeeScript, you know that it translates to a small snippet of JavaScript without dramatically affecting anything else in any other part of the program. There are no back-flips to get "compiled" CoffeeScript to talk to compiled JavaScript.
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    => :'(
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    Don't bother, trust me on that one.
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    Do you like debugging asm code when you don't trust compiler output? Probably not.
    But that's what you'll be doing constantly with coffeescript. Add some streamlinejs on top of this and you'll truly start to hate your job.
    Answer is no :p
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