I learned basic, Visual Basic and java in high school, then one year of college studying c++. I really hate c++ and swore I would never become a programmer. After that one year of college, I spent two years out of the country with no computer usage at all. Then 4 years working at a grocery store.
Then my friend told me about an opening at his work place for a java programmer. This was 7 years since doing java and 6 years since I had programmed anything at all. But I applied and interviewed. When asked about databases, I said “I know a little Microsoft Access.” Had no idea what relational databases were, never heard of php, but by some miracle they hired me anyways. Still working for them 6 years later, now an experienced java, php, MySQL, front end developer.
Still have no idea why they saw fit to hire me.

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    Attitude and personality.

    That almost always more important than actual experience unless your looking for a specialist in some field.

    Programming changes so fast that good problem solving skills and a will to constantly learn new things is a necessity for any long term placement.

    We have even employed some that barely cold program at all just because we saw a potential and some if them far outperformed university graduates.
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    Well... at least now I know m deprecated... even before starting a career 😅 I don’t like many languages...
    C/C++ and now trying rust...
    But I do hope systems programming will have a place for me ☺️☺️
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    Congrats to 1000++
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    @Electrux Not really, experience still counts, especially combined with the right attitude.

    Also, if you have a lot of experience it will count much, but there are very few with a lot of experience that are also looking for a job :/. The mostly already have one ;)

    But for short placements or consultant firms experience is more important since you often move around with clear goals to achieve. So they are more concerned with immediate placement and are used to employees moving on so the right experience right now is key.

    But at the same time long experience together with a bad attitude is almost never with the extra trouble you invite.
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    @Voxera oh well... let’s see what life has in store for me... 😊😊
    Thank you ☺️☺️
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