This happened yesterday during 1-2-1 meeting

My dear teamleader telling me.

"You're just a stupid consultant"

Well, this 'stupid consultant' has had enough of your bullshit and will look for future endeavors elsewhere.

You are free to consider your options and make the bad decisions, dear team 'leader'.

Cry at the sheer amount of work 'your' project really entails and I will revel in your failure

I'm done with this guy.

Team leaders should be ousted if they fail their team members and the projects they are responsible for.

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    That’s not a leader, more like a prison warden/slaver
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    @ostream thanks for asking, the baby is doing fine and my beloved is doing okay-ish. We know the final treatment plan. It's going to be tough, but she's a fighter. We have to organize a lot, but we can manage for now. We're so glad to live in Belgium to have access to great and affordable healthcare. Lots of professional help at home as well.
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    Calling me an idiot is fine what really aggravates me is when they don't take my clearly better ideas that would get them to their goals instead of them circling some kind of drain

    You can insult me all you want, just do the thing so we can stop having these silly meetings!
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    Our previous PM got "ousted" (rightfully so), so it can be done. But it did take him almost obliterating the project with excessive spending, a lot of bullshit, disrespect towards other team members and escalation to higher mgmt to get there.
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    managers don’t realize just how much you do until they’re forced to do it themselves. good on ya and good luck
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    I once worked for someone I think was a sociopath. He was extremely condescending to the staff, misogynistic and lecherous towards female staff, and generally unpleasant, but could get away with it because it was his company. The Glassdoor reviews are a sight to behold.

    My current boss worked there before I did and basically walked out after the owner snapped his fingers at him.
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