i really hate when i have to read someone else's shity code ... I'd rather write the entire code from scratch -_- !

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    code narcism, the viewpoint of a Programmer that if the code is not written by himself is no good.
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    Well, Sometimes i even hate reading my own code and prefere retaping it from scratch.
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    i've jsut notice you are 1++ behinde me, here is another ++ so we are equal
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    @heyheni i forget my own code and i correct my own code all the time ...it's not that i'm complaining about... this code is a real hell ... i have to create an android version of an old calculations web application... there is no documentation for the calculations... so i need to read the web app code to extract the algorithms... i found out that the entire application is in 3 files : all.html ... all.js (6302 lines of code)... all.css
    with variables named "maVar".."anotherVar"...
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    @Baguette haha high five :p
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    Do you know that feeling when you find a project, look into the code and realise that it is actually pretty good and you just are totally happy about it? Feels a bit like code quality orgasm.

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    Well that's basically my official job LOL.
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    @justwellbrock definitely. Very hard to find though. Maybe we should do cornhub?
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