And good morning to you too, devRant 😊😄😀

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    @Alice Yup exactly the same here :/ :)
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    @linuxxx @Alice , that explains a lot you wealthy ++ mothaduckerz!

    I'm lucky if i have like 10+ notifs.
    Don't know if it means i don't sleep enough and i spend too much time on devRant or my poor rants and fucked up character. Imho it's the latter 😂
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    @bioDan Hahaha awhhh xD
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    @linuxxx @Alice
    So, if you left for a month, do you still think you'd get 99+ notifications daily?
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    I've left for a few days a while ago (when I got 99+ a day, though I did come back just to see how many notifs I had) and I was at around 90 a day :).

    Does not mean it'll stay that way but idk, we'll see if/when that happens!
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    I see, how long have you been here?
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    So I actually joined at about the same time you became more active!

    And I'm on 3000... :P
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    @Alice same here too.
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    Waking up with 99+ notifs is cool but bad I miss lot of them
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    Funny, I woke up to that exact amount of notifications myself 😅
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