Ever teamed up with coders/developers you personally don't like.
Also suggest some techniques how to LIVE through, gracefully. :/

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    Unfortunately I've never been there, this is the only thing missing from my life.
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    Accidentally teamed up with this guy for college coding project. That a**h**e didn’t even know what json was and wrote really bad code, didn’t had basic problem solving skills and wasn’t ready to learn stuff. It was a nightmare working with him. Now I always check gitHub and LinkedIn profiles before working with someone.
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    Yes, but he has a lot less knowledge then me so when I told him something he would disagree, but still do what I said. Sometimes it would be his idea after I told him to do it a certain way.

    When a backend focussed fullstack dev has to tell a frontend dev how to do frontend...

    We joined the company the same time with a few other interns and even his friends knew I probably was right.

    It really helps if you have more knowledge about developing, if you dont, like some other colleagues of mine its good to find someone who agrees with you who has the right arguments.
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