Question from a CTO/co-founder in an interview:
"So you've changed jobs every year or so and you were laid off a bunch of times. Do you think maybe it was because of your performance or the company choices you made?". You fucking privileged city dwelling gen-Xer. You got lucky with your startup until now. You sell recruiting software and that worked for a while when the market was booming but now that companies aren't hiring anymore you want to pivot and also make employee management and HR solutions. Guess what? Everybody else is also doing that.

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    Still hope he hires me though, I'm tired of interviewing.
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    Yeah I wonder where that guy thought he was going with that
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    You know what. That's kind of a self centered question. Now I find it hilarious
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    Also, its not like everyone gets to chose exactly what jobs accept your applications, much less contact after interviews. Sometimes you just take what opportunities you can get so that you don't die from starvation.
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    I've never felt so degraded in an interview. Everybody asks about my job history but they are more polite. He was like "LOL your choices suck". Well I chose your company so what does that say about you?
    Funny thing, I interviewed for your company 4 years ago and you rejected me but now that I've had more experience I reached the final interview stage. So you don't like that I hopped jobs but you like that some other companies paid me to learn and get experience.
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    I've been through a few layoffs but I'd go through a layoff again just to see the look of hypocrisy and defeat in his face.
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    Got a lowball offer from these fuckers and they only gave me until Monday to accept. They are hiring me as a FE engineer instead of a Senior FE engineer. Well if I join I'll be doing lowball work. It's gonna be the first job where I'll actively try to cheat and work less hours.
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    Only upside is that my manager is going to be a cool guy I knew a while ago. So at least I won't have a shitty manager.
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    I wonder what HIS job history looks like. Besides what are you supposed to say when asked if underperformance was the reason for being laid off? “Yes I was laid off for bad performance and I’m going to be shitty at your company too, I’m saying this during an interview when I’m supposed to sell myself”.

    Besides, way to scare off candidates by poking fun. Why would anyone want to work with someone like that? A big part of the decision to join a place or hire someone is “will I be happy being with this person”
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    @jsframework9000 eh people never talk about you, they just expulge air from flappy meat and see what you'll do then get amused or inspired or some neutral or negative thing

    I find it hilarious his question was so self-centered because that's the way he thinks. He ascribes everything he does and everything everyone else around him does as his own fault. That's his worldview. I doubt he knows anyone else exists, and what a burden that is to be in charge of everything! He sounds exasperated. I would've asked him if he'd like a break hahahaha. Delegate and fuck off. And remember to pay me a lot just so you can trust me =]
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    @TeachMeCode some people like danger

    A job where everything works well and nobody criticizes you and nothing you do can mess anything up would drive you crazy, you'd just want to scream, just do anything to feel like you exist

    Arguably this is why a lot of kids misbehave in school. If you give troublemaker kids actually difficult learning material they stop being troublemakers. They were just bored, you failed to be strict enough about your standards, to build them that video game obstacle course of goal and feedback

    Who wants to read a boring book. Now who wants to solve riddles and see if you can beat Timmy over there?
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    @jestdotty some kids are genuinely just malicious shitheads.

    I know. I was one of them.
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