Fuck Confluence and anyone telling me to write anything there. From now on, documentations will be in the repo, written in Markdown

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    Oooooh lovely
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    I don't mind md but what's the problem with conflu? Unless you're trying to plant uml or something it should be straightforward.
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    Great, now somewhere else I need to add to the list of "where the fuck is the docs for X?"

    - did you try confluence?
    - did you check oneDrive?
    - ah actually it might be in GDrive!
    - oh nope, it's in box!
    - wait nope my bad it's in the teams chat... I think.
    - ooh, I found it, was buried in the mono-repos readme!

    Fuck confluence; but seriously keep shit together regardless what your preferences are.
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    Technical info & maintenance procedures definitely in the README/ docs folder, design in some SaaS like Figma or Zeplin, and project docs on Confluence. Cross-referencing allowed
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    That's exactly what I do.
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    @neriald it’s slow, search does not work, editing text is a pain, it’s flashbang white, it’s hard to organise. Average Atlassian product, I know.
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    @C0D4 Well you know what? If it’s the mono repo, you put it somewhere near the code it refers to. Perfect for me. Saves me from using Confluence search or organising that stuff two times.
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    Everyone knows confluence is write-only
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