Am I the only one whose classmates are listing "Google pictures"/"Google Bilder" as source after a presentation although they got told that isn't a source like a thousand times?

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    No. At least your classmates experience the same.
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    *source the library
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    Never list Wikipedia as a source

    List Wikipedias sources instead
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    No, but a classmate listed redtube once. needless to say, the teacher wasn't pleased.
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    Same here. Listing Google Images as a source is a crime.
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    @Olverine omg, cause he had to check the source? 🤣 Well played.
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    @Olverine they could hide it in a bit.ly url. 🙃
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    Ohh my days! Wikipedia is a a great source for information, just read the source article fully first and reference that. Simples 😁 You can reference Wikipedia but you usually get marked down big time.
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