Damn you, Excel. In the past I've had the notion, that you are the OG perfect sheet editor. Now, that I actually have to use you, all I have to say is to go, bow before Google Sheets!

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    I want some conditional formatting. I set the range. It reduces the range in the meantime to three different ranges. I try to edit the existing formatting. I click on the input. I press shift+left, to select the part I want to delete. It starts selecting cells, instead of text. Rage.

    (This is the web-based version BTW, because the desktop app is even trashier. I don't even know how to scroll horizontally with the mouse wheel)
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    Did you double click on the input? Sounds like you didn’t
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    @IdontHaveAName Doesn't help. Almost no applications exist where focusing on an input prevents you from using the cursor as intended. (Image showing input which should behave properly)
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    The first three words are enough. Everyone who has used Excel already knows the rest.
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    "the OG perfect sheet editor" - dude, what were you smoking?

    seriously. the only thing excel ever did reasonably well was "being a flight simulator". (not joking.)
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    @tosensei nothing. But maybe I should do it to be able to bear this shit UX.

    I've never really had to use it apart from a few short encounters in the past. I assumed (quite naively) that at least this paid product from Microsoft doesn't require infinite patience.
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