What do you guys think is

0.999... == 1?
(Zero point 9 repeating)


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    ++ for yes
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    ++ for no
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    Doesnt matter what we think, because its true lol
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    I think infinity always does strange things, welcome to math!
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    if there is difference between 0.999.. and 1, "0.999.."'s "9" repeating is stop
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    @runfrodorun I don't know if I agree with the irrational part. This 0.999... = 1 stuff comes from an ambiguity of representation of real numbers, reflects the non-existence of not nil infinitesimals within the real numbers, and is useful when doing things like Cantor diagonalization. 0.333... is still rational, even with the infinite repetition.
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    @runfrodorun from an other perspective, lets assume we can store numbers up to infinity, in that case eps(1, 0.999..) would be infinitely small, exactly as small as eps(1, 1), making them virtually the same number
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    @runfrodorun in fact, you can map a repeating decimal to its corresponding irreducible fraction. All repeating decimals are rational, it's just consistent.
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    Oh, I think I got your point now. It's an interesting way of looking at the problem. The irrational approximation part is a bit strange for me, and I'll give it some more thought :)
    Thanks for your patience.
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