Is exclusively being assigned bug tickets only for a whole sprint (they're not my bugs) while another dev does feature work a bad sign? I'm a Senior SDE but my domain Knowledge is far weaker than the other SDE 2, so he can get feature work done faster. Bug fixes are general project ones that are either suddenly very critical or lower priority and leads me to keep debugging some other aspect of the system (not much documentation sadly so have to check whole flow slowly to understand it, very financial based).

My manager also just yesterday said as a senior my expectation is to lead a project and we'll discuss the requirements of my role. This is my direct manager, the one who assigned me all the bugs is the project manager, who also acts a bit like an SDE sometimes. The problem is I want to deliver work my main manager suggests but I simply don't get the time due to suddenly high priority bugs occurring (last night 1 hour before I log off, other manager says to find root cause analysis of a high priority bug), this isn't an oncall rota or task either, just normal bugs all the time.

Is this a bad sign? Am I about to be PiPed?

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    I think the bad sign is that you seem to have two managers that don't agree on what you should be working on.

    Other than that, maybe they think the investigation you need to do for the bug fixes will get you the domain knowledge needed to tackle the feature items.
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    @spongessuck could be, just feel other manager gives very sudden deadlines for tasks that might take longer, like last night one wanting a full analysis by end of day, there was an hour left
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    @jestdotty yeah... my tasks assigned are on Jira all documented, just hope it's clear
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    Whats a Software Development Engineer?
    Do all devs in your team call yourself that?
    Or is it a role in your hirearchy? Like you have a few regular Devs who do low level, a few Engineers who do high level stuff and a few SDEs who do both?
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    In theory it’s possible that the best devs are assigned to fix bugs - because new features can be easy and straight forward while bugfixin is more demanding.

    But doesn’t sound like it’s the case here.

    I think you just need to complain to the PM! I’m sure you have already but sometimes it needs repetition to stick.
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    @jiraTicket it's just a term I see thrown around for devs and mentioned internally too
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    @jiraTicket I'm worried that since I'm still not an SME, I don't have any leverage to complain since not a core member yet
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    @pandasama oh, regarding the SDE term I'd encourage you to just say "developer" in forums like these. I had never heard SDE before and had to look up what it meant. And even after that I assumed there was an implication that SDE meant you had a certain role in a hierarchy of devs and considered certain tasks to be outside your role.

    Same with SME - not a term I've seen before.
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    @jiraTicket ah true should just say dev, these specific titles are kinda meaningless tbh since we have to do everything anyways (cross-functional, yayee)
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