You know what's bullshit? CS Degrees as a requirement, even for the shittiest dev jobs.

Sorry fuckers, I don't feel like killing myself over fucking math bullcrap for 3 goddamn years just to work as an intern slave for some rich CEO who prefers to hire some guy who doesn't know shit about actual working with computers but has a degree.

And this horseshit happens only in dev jobs. Why. Are devs some fucking nuclear scientists or something? I work as sysadmin and they didn't ask me for any shit degree and I earn more than the average code monkey where I live.

Goddamn HR fuckers. May Allah take you to hell.

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    Apply anyway.

    I didn’t get my jobs by being remotely worried about “bachelors degree” required, 3-5 years exp minimum.

    You’ll find in a lot of cases these are just there because templates contain them. If you can do the work why can’t you apply?
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    I apply but they never accept.
    They probably hired some cluless guy with a BSC instead.
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    @Chlodovechus probably true, since your still a junior, I would say find roles in small design/development firms first before stretching out to the bigger companies.

    Companies will be more likely to accept a work history over a degree.
    But it’s a tough road to break into, start small.
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    You are grossly undermining the value of a CS degree as well as the engineers that have said degrees.

    Either way, keep trying until something sticks.
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