Internship opportunities for Android Developers

Must have atleast 1 year experience in iOS development for Android.

true story

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    HR is typically a mess. I saw a job listing in 2009 for a junior mobile developer that asked for 3 years experience in Android and iOS programming.... Umm, WTF?
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    @RevThwack 3 years experience for something that came out hardly 2 years ago. Sounds like the HR thing to do!
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    Don't blame HR for your lack of skills! @RevThwack now you should have 11 years experience in iOS and Android right? 😝
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    iOS developer wanted, at least 5 years experience with Swift
    (I actually saw that one 😐)
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    If no one else applies, you should have a good shot at it!
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    @Krokoklemme I told my girlfriend (totally non tech) what you wrote in your comment. She asked me:

    "Does it count if I sit in a Suzuki Swift?"

    I literally rotfled so hard that I still can't get up from the floor. It's already 10 minutes and still counting xD
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