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    Hey, you know, you aren't going to mysteriously get a girlfriend by complaining online and not doing anything about it.

    You actually have to /talk/ to girls and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

    Cmon bruh. If only you lot applied your fucking smarts to real life.
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    Girls arent real. Theyre a myth created by the government to brainwash us!
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    I knew it!
    Wait... aren't you a girl too?
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    I came here to rant
    Not to get feels
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    @Skayo she is clearly some kind of ai made from the NSA to further this facade!
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    breaking up with existing gf...
    she's too serious about relation...

    any tips before its done?
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    @sandipp be honest and true to yourself and her.
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    To answer your question about long distance relationships, they definitely work, they are just difficult. (Not being able to see the one you love for months at a time, only thru voice/skype)

    Source: Am in one, my otherhalf will be living with me for a year starting christmas 😁
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    I was in a long dostance relationship for 4 years. Was hard and wonderful. Came back to my home country so we can be together, got engaged, lived for almost a year together. We broke up over 3 years ago.
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