If you are a web developer, consider using proper page titles.

Page titles are one of the most basic elements of a web page and yet websites often fail to make proper use of them.

Without a proper page title, your user does not have an accurate idea of what page is in the tab without having to open the tab, which gets tedious if many tabs are open. With a proper page title, an instant glance on the tab does suffice.

Some sites only put in their site name or something like "Search - Site Name" without including the search query in the page title, or "User profile - Site Name".

An example of this is, disappointingly, archive.org. As thankful as I am for the Archive, they could make better use of page titles to make browsing their library more convenient. While they use proper page titles on item pages (including both title and author!), they use non-descriptive titles on their 2023 search feature (downgraded from lightweight static HTML+AJAX to a JavaScript app) and user profile pages.

The user name of a profile or a search query and ideally a page number should be in the page title so a browser tab with a search can be found faster and can also be seen on social media sites that auto-generate preview cards with page titles.

Descriptive page titles also improve your search engine ranking! You surely don't want to miss out on that, do you?

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    All I'm hearing is if i omit a page title you'll keep clicking the page and seeing my ads
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    i use the page titles that the customer is dictating, no matter how stupid they are.
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    I'll admit... I'm lazy af with shit like page titles... at least initially. Though I'll change it when it's popular enough to annoy me, I totally don't care enough in the beginning.

    I've even ended up with several statically titled pages that just had something repeated/generic or even totally unapplicable cuz i just copy/pasted a header and forgot to change it... or worse, dynamically generated on factors that have totally different meanings for different pages.

    Imo, it's another simple issue on willfully ignorant masses accepting trash and not acknowledging validity. This, like so much else, won't change unless society does... and we still have billions of people who wont vote because "my 1 vote won't change anything".
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    Naming things is hard, it’s one of my biggest weaknesses
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    @TeachMeCode last time I wrote basic af html/css (needed to be basic and in english for babydevs to learn from) i tried really hard to logically name things... but i still wound up with shit like .poorly_named, which was the thing above the footer, below the body divs/text and contained a bit of text and an email "subscribe" button-esq link.
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    @awesomeest don’t get me started on UI labels, especially for divs when the children of a div don’t share much in common so what can you call the class or id of that parent div then? Container-of-thingies lol.
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    @TeachMeCode dude... I've been doing UI since it was know as EUI (end user interface).

    Back in high school, when I had a VERY caring art teacher* who kept trying to get me to define my career goals, my stated path(s) wasn't even seen as a plausible profession.

    As I was far beyond fluent in english, flient german, near fluent dutch and conversational written russian/spanish... and an autistic(didn't know then) dev, my stated goal was to make EUIs.

    Then, back/front end were often the same devs, who generally sucked at understanding/communicating with non-dev humans, I figured I'd make the EUIs and translate them into many languages, for better usability and less of the telephone-game-like broken translations. People thought that was nuts.
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    * that teacher REALLY wanted me to go to uni for art. After 2yrs of "no. If/when I want to do art I'll just do it", she broke into dean's, and main, office for info(+locker combo), bribed another art teacher to change his curriculum, compiled the full req'd portfolio (deviantart, locker contents & bribe-bought reqs+ >250$ @kinkos), forged the 4page(double sided >50$) application... which I got a HUGE, totally unused, scholarship offer from. So, morally dubious and numerous federal crimes... but her heart was in the right place... i think.
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    @awesomeest art? For what? UI? And they didn’t see development as a lucrative career path? Wow. Stuck in the clouds
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    Art, for art. Apparently im really good at adhd doodles... i also like melting shit like glass, sometimes metal... ive been told to stop saying that when asked as charity auctions that I donate a few dozen dollars worth in material cost, and ~10hrs(max) of work, ~15$ in electricity, and get 10k+ in reasons the IRS hates me... ive been told im "a fine arts artist". I like playing with molten stuff and warping small liquor bottles to give them an amusing use (like mini 1800 bottle slightly flattened and warped... throw some gradient colours of paint on a dollar tree canvas, glue bottle on canvas, paint (or just use silk) flowers using the 1800 bottle as a vase... materials/etc <6$ plus a free shot of tax deductible tequila, charity auction price? 375$... why? No fucking clue.

    To be fair, the IRS also hates me cuz i declare income they would never know about, quarterly ... and ~10k charity in items(mostly kids toys/xmas gifts) apparently out of thin air- Pro@CraneGames.
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    @TeachMeCode also, how old are you? Cuz my ref is to like 15 yrs ago... people didn't know what devs were and EUI design wasnt a career path... UI/UX design weren't things.
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    @awesomeest late 30s but I’m late career. Got my first dev job when I was 30
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    @awesomeest 15 years ago I didn’t even know what programming is
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    @TeachMeCode im 31 and have technically been a professional fullstack web dev since I was 8 (html/css...before they had numbers after them, php and little bit of dbs... or pseudo dbs like JSONs) and was the tech support/network for my preK-8th little school and attached church, then before a yr, another school and church, and 1 small business.
    Before ethernet came from modems and phone lines were also the internet... but never both at once...

    Do you even know what half-duplex is? If not, look it up...I'm far too old for my age. Ive been building hardware...not lego/rector set version... like cannibalising tech to solder new tech then need to write the drivers... since 3rd grade too

    I was highly unsupervised as a kid... and an undiagnosed autistic af genius that was oblivious to things like sarcasm, anything not literal, emotions, any valid frame of reference for how weird i was.

    My friends have lovingly told me "you view the world and everyone in it like a game of the SIMs" accurate
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    @awesomeest took a class in digital logic back in college, so that sounds familiar. It was pretty fun. I’ll look it up regardless!
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    @awesomeest dang since third grade? I was watching power rangers at that age lol. Looks like that half duplex is a design where two devices take turns shooting and receiving. Wish I can make a career in this! But everyone wants React, AWS, etc. I’m really not a fan of the industry
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    About that...
    PreK-8th = small catholic school(12 in 8th, grew +1 from 7th cuz another Catholic school closed) in hindsight, I'm surprised they handled my shit so well (ofc didnt catch the autism at all... catholics) i became sole tech support after an incident in 2nd grade and my blatant refusal to skip grades in 1st.

    HS= big cath school ~800 tried to avoid popularity/engagement with the vast majority. Result? While literally not enrolled all sem1 12th gr, sem2 day1, i had won a record amount of mock elections. Idk how they even voted4me. #failed

    Uni=several, unreqd, full scholarships, always assumed at least a 4yr degree. Health etc. made double major(comp sci/int business) half done via 2 schools, 2.5yrs.

    Then I mistook a 101 business course as ~50% valid. Turns out, teacher's a commy. We got the best grade sem proj 99%; worst group(no numbers 1poster 2crayons. literally) 94%

    Looked at current CV, realised it heavily outweighed those degrees.

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    @TeachMeCode i watched power rangers too... made a big profit im still cashing out in pokemon card trades with my brother/his friends(4yrs older) in 1st/2nd then MtG in 3rd after they were butthurt when i earnestly thanked them for the X money gained so switched to MtG thinking an 7/8yr old couldnt possibly understand it... got beta cards, right into hard sleeves til mid 20s.

    4th grade, cartoon network, neopets and my still fav authour, george orwell's most famous 2.

    6th, bough a Palm Treo with unlimited data plan and verizon's biggest fuck up... T&C of that plan guarenteed its terms unless you changed it, for infinity and beyond. I still have that data plan... and i think a palm treo. I wrote papers&coded little games/tools for it in class via physical keyboard.

    HS enabled/hacked teacher's only printer rooms w/ print spooler i made for palmOS... wrote next period's paper, in class, printed/got enroute.
    2teachers 'knew' it was fresh ink, and also obv impossible to have done that.
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    But… but… SEO is so annoying
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