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    And now... after the few of my positive posts about love, comes a negative post about life.

    So, I’m one of my previous rants ( I described my situation. And now, here is the update to the rant.

    Since we have no money, we’re moving into a relative’s living room. All of the things that we need for everyday life, such as closets a desk and two beds have been moved. My mother and brothers will sleep in one bed, while I on the other small one. We’re going to live like that for around 8 months.

    But... there’s the old house. Every room, and there’s a lot, has furniture and other things to be moved. We have to finish packing by Sunday, which I seem impossible. I myself have been assigned to sort and lack my brothers’ toys, and let me tell ya, it is not pretty at all. In the photos attached below, you will see that THERE’S A LOT OF FUCKING TOYS AND ALL OF THEM HAVE TO BE FUCKING SORTED. You see the boxes with the legos and other brick based toys? It took me about 4 hours to pack all that. Look how much is left. That’s at least 6 more hours of work.

    I still have to go to school officially, but since I’m going to go to a new school next week, most work has been cut for me. So, due to all of this, my education, official and self taught, has been paused for a week and now more. This is really having a bad effect on me, since when I don’t learn something, I feel depressed.

    And there’s the toys... which I have to pack. My mother stays up until the morning packing furniture and other things in order to move out ASAP. She has done much more work than I have ever done in my entire life, and I should feel obliged to do everything without even a minor squeak of a complaint. Yet, here I am; complaining about it all, due to me becoming insane and depressed at everything that is currently happening to me. I lack the nerve to keep physically sorting toys, especially toys of which category I know not of. I know, programming requires a lot of sorting and such, but it is nothing compared to the physical thing. It’s the most repetitive thing, which requires no thought, but requires a lot of dedication. I have enough dedication to ride a bicycle to the nearest city from the country side, which is really far away, but I lack the motivation to do this, even though it has to be done by Sunday.

    I am a sad excuse of a son, not being able to do all of this sorting, when his mother is doing EVERYTHING. What about my brothers? They’re 4 and 6. The 6 year old one is perfectly able to sort, but when he starts crying, my mother just stops it, and gives all of the work back to me. Great, mate. My mother had a lot of experience while living, since she moved with me while I was a baby boy. But I’m not used to this, and this is one of the most extreme moves that we have ever done, since we receive no outside labor, outside of a few family friends. We have no money to pay for storage either, so we have to transport everything into my aunt’s dingy basement, which is extremely hard to navigate. It is also extremely dirty, so my mother decided to CLEAN THE WHOLE THING UP. Yeah... she’s like that.

    And in the midst of it all is me. Someone who can do the heavy carrying, but barely can do all of the toy sorting. It makes me depressed, but if I complain openly, my mother becomes extremely irritated, and for good reason, and also becomes depressive and almost suicidal. This is too much stress for me. I’m such a disappointment, I can’t even help without any complications!

    I wish my father would burn in the deepest pits of hell.