interfaceless dating service for devs?

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interfaceless dating service for devs?

okay hear me out. I'm far from the first person to suggest a dev only dating app. but I think I've got a good twist here: theres no front end. what? yup. some documentation, a REST API, maybe some complex search system like elastic or something SQL based. but definitely no front end. if you want to meet a dev, you better be writing some code. and when you finally meet someone, you've already got something really cool in common: you both wrote a client, probably in different ways. in different languages. and if code sharing isn't the perfect first date among devs, I don't know what is.
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    🤨a dating app the devs have to build the front end too, I guess that could work except now i have to determine characteristics of another person from only their code.
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    Rest API is a too complete interface.
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    I don't think I could be bothered. I'd rather die single then. Too lazy.
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    I dont want to date a dev.
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    1 female reviewing code from 500 suiters. Until society gets its equality balance sorted this will be the reality. Forget it, nonstarter. Plus who the fuck wants to talk about code the whole fucking time.
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    Like GitHub for lesbians?

    xkcd: Branding
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    I am gonna build open source front-end for this to get more chicks.
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    alright. I've decided I'm actually going to try this. who wants to suggest names and design ideas?
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    @C0D4 Nice thought
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    Should be called Termanal, because only guys will be on there. Might work as a dating site for homosexuals though.
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    @ftechhelp why only guys?
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    @Codex404 well, like @M1sf3t mentioned, dev females are out there for sure, but males still outnumber by a huge factor (unfortunately). The competition would be way too fierce to even be realistic.
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    @ftechhelp ive got about ten female dev colleagues. At the last GGJ I attended there were more females than males. I see the oposite from you. Its about 40/60
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    @Codex404 huh okay. Well I stand corrected. It’s just hard to tell if that is the norm or not.
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    @ftechhelp probably not, it's just that I know so many female devs that Im surprised when people say they dont see any female devs.
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    @Codex404 So Termanal could still be a thing!
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    @irene with me: sales is 2 people male and female., HR is male, office manager female, general manager male, PR male.

    But now I think about it even though only 40 people work at my place weve got someone from syria, 2x russia, 3x Italy, 2x england so our team is more mixed overall then most other companies.
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    @M1sf3t no, only one russian girl had that, but she is working somewhere else now.
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    @irene thats what I said in my last sentence :)
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    @irene you also could have read up two messages xD
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    @M1sf3t indeed and what is accurate with hollywood is that 50% of those dev females is attracted to women.
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    @irene first of I dont have pics of her, secondly even if I had them Im not sharing pics of someone to the internet.
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    @irene what about it? I dont have social media
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    @irene how would I know her instagram?
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    @irene so? I dont have instagram so how would I know her instagram handle?
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    If you have to write your own client, does that mean there is no database content until someone writes the first one ?
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    @Nanos I actually did intend to attempt this. and that was one of my first realizations and why it won't work.

    maybe if I offer an initial interface for bootstrapping. and then deprecate it after a period? idk.
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    I wouldn't say that is why it wouldn't work.

    I think if the API started off very simple, and robust (Eg. didn't fall over if you give it the wrong parameters..) then I could imagine it working, even if the database starts off empty..

    A bit like a system I'm looking at which has hardly any users, but an API, and I plan to write a client for that !

    Well, actually two kinda clients, one making use of the API and one not. (Because the not one works so much better than the API..)

    I just wanted to be completely clear on what you was describing. :-)

    I think your big problem will be, which country to host the server in so you don't suffer any legal issues if anyone complains that someone looked at them funny on your system..

    Unless folk are going to have to supply their own servers.. ;-)

    Then you could just focus on the API side of things.
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    @Nanos yea. agreed

    obvious recent events with gdpr, I would not host in Europe. US wouldn't be the worst idea. but I would provide a rather large warning that the database is completely open, and signing up is consent to that.

    this might actually be a thing that can be created! and then mismanaged, unused, and burned to the ground. as do all "almost good" ideas.
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    I do think it is a good idea.

    Let me rephrase that, I think its an efficient idea..

    Good is relative..

    One might ask, what is the bare minimum API calls needed to create a functioning system ?
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    As to a couple of questions:

    I might suggest that the data fields that people fill in, are user defined, with a sortable list option.

    Eg. Lets say someone wants to date someone else who likes cats, but there is no cats category. By letting someone create cats, then at some point, someone else may come along, see that there is one category, cats, and they like cats, so now two people like cats.

    Next person comes along, who may or may not like cats, if they do, they increase the cat group number, if not, they create their own category.

    When new people join, they could check and sort by such options as, most popular, and find most people like cats.

    That way, you don't have to figure out in advance, what categories to create, its all user driven.

    Of course, this might mean you get lots of folk who are Flat Earthers..
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    The question of location..

    If people supply their GPS location, it sure helps with dating to know you are 123 metres away from someone !

    Then you only need to move your location two more times, until you can triangulate their position. :-)

    I notice a lot of dating sites these days, make it harder to do that kind of thing..

    Some restrict you to marking your location as your nearest town.

    Fine when you live near said town, not so useful when you live 100 miles away and you want to know if someone else lives less than 10 miles from you !
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    so going forth on this idea, we need to design how the database will work. the following is one idea I've had:

    a JSON API which provides access to a MySQL database and allows or forbids someone from taking a certain action.

    I'm still debating what level of openness should be viewable. should you be able to just see every user? or just those who meet certain criteria relating to you (such as location)?

    should you be able to see all matches?
    or just ones involving you?
    how will the authentication be handled?

    I might actually sit down and try to plan this out. maybe even make a GitHub for planning purposes.
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    I'd suggest making it as open as possible, otherwise folk are just going to find ways to cheat the system, and that wastes everyone's time.
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    Might also think about, how to deal with spam.

    Or how to let the users deal with spam..

    An ever increasing issue on free dating sites I notice, where it is getting harder to tell the fake profiles from the real ones.

    *Me meet you yesterday for good time"

    How to deal with blocking, ignore, invisible modes.

    One aspect I notice in dating sites which given today's Tb of HD space is so many limit you to 500 to 1,000 characters in your profile, surely space isn't that sparse !

    And they don't all tell you when you get to the end of your space allowance..

    But I think starting very simple would be a good move, then build upon that once you have a solid working base.

    I'd write a client for it. :-)
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    Unless you're planing to make a headless version of Grindr, dev only dating isn't gonna happen
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    Possible romantic names: Cruncher, Crunchtime, Heartbleed, Spectre, Meltdown ;)
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