I think I'm having a "return to monkey" phase.
What the fuck are we doing?

Free VPN's, free cloud storage, smartphones and stupid telemetry/uSaGE aNaLYtiCs, password managers, social media, content farms, cheap wifi enabled smart home and 'intelligent' cars.

I'm starting to hate it all.

Look at how many people (including myself, sadly) is glued to their fucking datahoarding multimedia shitdevices (known as 'smartphones'). While sitting in a room filled with every fucking small appliance that needs an app, wifi and phones home to who the fuck knows.
Even my fucking dishwasher has an app and wifi enabled so I can start the dishwasher outside the wifi network.

How the fuck did we get here?

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    By accomodating spoiled isolated brats who need to SaVe tImE for god knows what useless activity instead of getting their own time to concentrate on a fucking task.
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    @dmonkey I'm might be one of those spoiled brats. I think I just woke up. Either that or turning 30 made me grumpy enough to realize.
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    People are willing to pay a lot of money for convenience. And if people are paying, it will be done/made.
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    @Hazarth And if people won't pay money, they can always pay with their privacy and information.
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    Because capitalism needs to subject every bit of human life to its logic.
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    return to monke
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    Let your smartphone drop into the water every now and then or go hiking without a battery charger - situations like that always help me remember not to make my "smart" phone a single point of failure!
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    password managers ftw .. i ain't going to remember all the stupid passwords and ssh keys. especially when managing personal infracture and multiple VMs. But yeah, I use an offline one + DB backup.

    otherwise, the term you might be looking for is "Internet of shit"


    + post migration

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    "Bongo bongo bongo
    I don't wanna leave the Congo
    Oh no no no no nooo

    Bingo bongo bongo
    I'm so happy in the Jungle
    I refuse to gooo"
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    CIA said they wanted your kitchen appliances to spy on you and here we are

    They have no business being "smart"

    When I grow old I'm gonna drive around and hack networks and press random things on machines as a form of moral lesson
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    I am pretty sure, that when it all crashes one day, only the non-digitals will survive.
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    @glowFX "HELP WiFi is down, I cannot turn off the light"
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    @qwwerty I guess I'll sound stupid for saying this.

    But I feel like the way password managers are being used, it's just a single point of failure. They make themselves a target.

    Just imagine one of those companies getting a ransomware.
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    @angerydev that's why i clarified i'm for pwd managers but not cloud/centric
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    @dmonkey name checks out
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    Tbf I don't think most of these are bad per se (I love my smart lights and appliances) but it's the predatory "squeeze every last drop (especially by collecting data)" monetization that makes me hate it.

    Thinking of switching all my smart stuff to a home server with "dumb" backup instead, but effort sigh.
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    It's a free market. You can get a cellphone that does calls and texts only, etc...
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    @tellikakneezus Partially true (at least for me, in Denmark).

    Everything is apps these days (and sometimes browser - but I really don't use computers except for work anymore).

    Letters from social services is an app/web solution, authentication for it too (also for health services, social services and payments) by using 2FA/confirmation in the app itself.

    Everything would turn into a problem if I choose to ditch the smartphone. Trust me I want to.

    I've become addicted to it.

    Also being a parent you to take photos and share it with family which is easier with these things.

    I know getting a cellphone is an option. But it's a complicated one.
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    Unlock bootloader, build AOSP, add customization to taste, melt into the ancient power of fixing shit yourself. MicroG is a single Magisk module away, if you need the most basic google support, and KeePassDX/XC + syncthing is a beauty to behold. You bought the device, and you don't live in the US, so you have the RIGHT to do it, you don't have to exploit a flaw in your fucking USD$1000 phone to do it. If the intercom system in the office building of the phone vendor doesn't start playing boss music when you buy the phone, you're not doing it right.
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    But if I consume less than 6 forms of media at a time, I might have a thought
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