A small typo error can make you rethink about your existence 😂😂

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    That's rage reader app right? They did it on purpose
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    Are you sure you are asking what you're supposed to ask?
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    @Alice More like you’re not even given a choice. You’re brought into this world without you having a say about it.
    That got dark kinda fast, definitely because it’s near Winter. Yeah...
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    It would have been even worse if you miss spelled file*:
    "Are you sure you want to delete this life*"
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    @apollotonkosmo Every file deletion becomes a homicide... Oh dear...
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    @Alice There’s just no good way to point it out to people and just tell them in the face that they’re not cut out to be parents unfortunately. And it’s definitely even more difficult to deny someone of their right to have children because of their behavior or maturity level. These are big topics that are difficult to walk on, and sound both moral and immoral at the same time.

    On another note, I just don’t like how society basically expects you to respect your parents regardless. Imo it’s like a stigma, just like how people used to think of mental health problems.
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    NO but little late for that
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    @Condor I hope I’m wrong, but it’s probably easier with Western culture. In the East, it bites deep into your marrow. A disowned child (not orphans, for those who might argue), or one that left their parents for good, is looked down upon by society and forever treated as some unwanted street rat. You’re judged before people even utter your name, worse than even the seven deadly sins. People avoid talking about you, tell their children to stay away from you and not talk to you. I’ve probably exaggerated and I’m sure some will object, but you will hear them.
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    @Condor Things do look better for you now it seems. With all that hard work and perseverance that you've undertook and endured, it's a well earned place, wherever you are now with whatever you're doing. Your past has shaped you into who you are now, even if it was utterly terrible, or perhaps a nightmare that you thought you can never wake up from.
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    @Condor My problems pale in comparison. One of my parents has did a series of things to me that I find unforgivable. The other is possibly unaware of everything, but supports the one regardless. I've grown to become very different from them and their expectations, and there has been a lot of conflicts as a result. I've talked to them, tried to reason so that we may find common ground to stand upon, but not only did that not work, I was mocked for having higher education and better knowledge. I've also tried to compromise some of my beliefs and values, some even beyond what is acceptable for me, thinking that it's because they're bonded by blood. In the end, I realize that I was only taken for granted, and now they shoved a responsibility that is well beyond my capabilities for the next 5 years, one that I have no obligation to fulfill, onto me.
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    @Condor Eventually, I felt like I've been viewed and used as a tool, one to allow them to tell themselves that they've did a "good job" in life, that they've been "good and responsible human beings", one to allow them to save their own face. I've been mocked, used, threatened, by none other than those to whom I am bounded by blood. Pretty pathetic joke, eh?

    Sorry that it became a 3 part long reply. I was somehow able to write that all out, and I felt like I needed to write, probably not for anyone but for myself.
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    Damn that prompt is savage
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    @Condor Thanks man. I’ve not started taking on that responsibility yet, but they’ve decided that it will be on me once it comes. I would take it as a responsibility, or at least a shared one, if I’m capable of doing it. But it’s not something that’s feasible for me now, and I’m not confident that it’ll be possible for me after 5 years. But what I cannot accept is how they just decided that it will be entirely my responsibility, regardless of my position in the not-too-distant future.

    As for what I personally want out of my life, that’s an entire problem of its own which’ll be another dragged out story, unfortunately. 😅
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    Here's your cookie. Thanks for the laugh.
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    >"Are you sure you want to exist? "
    >Presses No
    >Slowly fades away into oblivion
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