Rant and geniune question:

How can a group of 'devs' make 2 functional(enough unfortunately), many active users, phone apps, not just basic af, over a few years... but apparently not know how to make a working referral link of any kind???

Am i missing something like referral code link logic being extremely hard for typical devs to understand? Or some odd or trending reason for for forcing manual, explicit, referral code binding instead of a simple (imo) link that attributes the new user account to the referring user's? If you dont believe me u can check either/both of their actively running, decent/moderate size user base apps, claw eden (on play store) and/or claw party (possibly only via finding an apk... at least not on google play).

They have legit rewards, relatively very fair/honest policy... etc... i get 60+ items won/delivered a month (i have paranormal crane game skills #AutisticSuperpower) which i donate the vast majority of to charity (1 of 3 reasons the IRS reeeeally dislikes me).

Im just baffled by this apparent inability.

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    what do you mean by referral link?
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    @asgs In almost every app, ad, post on any socials... etc. There's the 'share ' button right? If the app has direct monetisations it normally offers some reward for every human-esq new accoujts...

    That referral link is how they tract who joined because of which user telling them to_well at least mildly sane people that dont want to severely limit willing participants that make them money over something that turns a 1click to shiny game youre about to download into something that people conceive as effort.... but thats the link
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