inside you, there are two wolves
one is a post-it note
the other is composite helicopter armor
you are 3M

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    Samsung moment
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    @RememberMe I was certain there is a product with that name, but couldn't be sure what kind of product it is. Turns out it was just a phone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    What's on the post-it? Depending on the answer this may be extremely applicable to me. I'm already pretty sure a large chunk of my core comp. is post-it notes... i use them a lot... like so much that i buy in bulk, have 7 colours and multilevel flag syntax. Very serious.
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    @spantheslayer new here? Or just prone to ill context expletives?
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    The modern age began when hitachi decided that you should be able to buy a concrete mixer, a food mixer and a dildo from the same company.
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    @donkulator hey, it wasnt a dildo, it was a "personal massager" aka "magic wand" and eventually they realised the branding issue so sold the name rights and doesn't make them anymore.

    Gotta get the facts right... then you can correctly tear shit apart
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    Kinda the same with Yamaha
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