In the 10th circle of Hell, we find those developers whose UI components move just as you're about to click/tap them.

Amongst other things, these accursed souls find that, when they go to sit down on the bog, a millisecond before their arse makes contact, the whole bathroom inexplicably moves 14 inches to the left so they actually sit on the handle of the brush.

Or they go to open a door, and just as their fingers are about to touch the handle, the handle is magically replaced by a live wolverine.

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    Typically happens with layout shift on loading because the devs failed to settle the final layout before all resources are loaded. For example, images with missing width/height, or JS adding shit to the DOM without a defined container.

    The devs don't notice because they only test on their $1000 hipster phones 50cm from their gigabit router which is connected directly to the dev server.
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    Ok, this got me pretty good. Keep
    Up the great jokes.
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