What do u understand by web3?

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    Crypto bro scam.
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    best case: a crypto scam only the dumbest trendsuckers would fall for.

    worst case: the kind of cyber-dystopia we all fear because it's not even interesting enough for a movie or game, but still sucks AF.
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    I don’t understand a single shit about this
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    @Tounai I took a quick gander. It mentioned blockchain, crypto, and what sounded like monetizing websites better. This sounded like pay per view to me. I could be wrong, but I want nothing to do with that shite.
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    @Demolishun I mean the technology itself seems interesting but when I look at it and how it works (I mean technically, I am not interested in the business at all), it’s drown into meaningless content that makes me loose my time so I gave up
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    There is two sides to Web3

    - Scam Bros, NFT, Coins and such. They took it and hyped it up to scam
    - Serious side of Web3 and its a dark one

    The serious side is really important. Web3 provides contracts, where you get ownership of something digitaly. Its crucial for the e-Dollar, e-Euro and such, so like every payment provider could track you.

    My personal opinion is, its the next step of Big Brother and needs to be stopped. This goes way to far into the privacy of People. The Creator of the objects owns the rights and always can revoke it, if not specified to transfer ownership on exchange. The rest of Web3 most of our Web1 and Web2 system already function the same way, just the contracts are missing.

    Imagine our central banks. You dont own your money, its lent to you by the banks. You fucked up somehow or displease the state and suddenly all your assets are frozen. Welcome to the beginning of dystopia.
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    Crypto scam
    Application that do to mutch thing but worse
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    government controlled, geo blocked, corporate manipulated information exchange that used to be internet - because whatever concept humanity comes up with it turns out to be the opposite

    it only needs couple of more regulations and controlled data leaks to convince people to give up privacy for feeling safe

    you get people decentralized so they can look up for information only inside their country on token approved websites by government issued browsers and you have true web3

    safety and bullshit :)
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    …and they selling this as open and decentralized web so anyone can open your ass and put there as many dicks as they want and you won’t be able to do anything about it because those will be certified and community approved dicks, so start preparing to be fucked hard and deep by a sect of occultists that want to tell you what is truth and what is false so you don’t have to think by yourself

    because reading and thinking is not something we do in 21st century

    we do ai, blcokchain, decentralized bullshit on a sheep farm where animals beg for food and shelter

    there you go, happy now ?
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    A waste of time
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    Something that's already obsolete.
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    Instead of having to trust centralised systems that you don't understand, run by an elite that you're not allowed to join, in future you'll have to trust decentralised systems that you don't understand, run by a community that you're too stupid to join.

    Also, that energy you were going to use to microwave your baked beans, we'll be needing that to do some really important maths.
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    Buzz buzz scam buzz steal buzz drain buzzz theft buzzz buz money laundering = web3
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    Useless complexity, a dead-born, unwanted bastard child.
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    no way there is not even a single good thing about this??
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    And I thought it was sketchy buying shit on the street in a bad neighborhood.

    Buying shit on devrant from ostream seems a bit sketchier. lol

    You got some good jokes there bud.
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