>work on multi million dollar company
>last year "we were doing fine" until we got told "well, turns out we didn't, no bonus this year"
>people leave
>You'll get a bonus next year for sure
>Company cuts expenses such as training budgets and freezes raises and promotions
>People still leave
>There are whole teams that are now left with 1-3 people, lol
>Turns out we will not get any bonuses this year either, except for "the high achievers", but they have not announced it yet
>high achievers include the evp of engineering who single handedly destroyed the company's DevOps department last year and an EM/engineer who is completely incompetent as both an engineer as well as a manager, so much so that the company has made him his own 1-person-department so that he doesn't have to work with other people
>Upper management keeps telling us everything is going fine and they suck each other's d**k

This is like watching a trainwreck in slow motion lmao.
I'll stay till they announce this year's bonuses to watch the shit show and then I'll leave

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    What company?
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    @NeatNerdPrime well, if I told you that'd kinda defeat the whole "anonymous" thing now, wouldn't it? 😅
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    @jestdotty eh, bonuses were a very strong incentive for the people here, and it was also touted as one of the "perks" of working for the company. Training budget was a perk too 😂
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    @TwelveYearsADev > "if I told you ..."

    Is it a company everyone has heard of?
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    @PaperTrail no, I don't think so, it targets a very specific market. It is known in that market though, I will say that much.
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    @jestdotty > "bonuses are an insult anyway"

    It depends. If the process isn't transparent, bonuses can lead to a lot of petty jealously.

    Our profit sharing bonus program is now fairly transparent. You work X years, are this level in the company (normal worker, mgr, VP, etc), this Y rank in the department (yearly scored by your mgr/vp), and a small discretionary percent allowed by the manager for 'above and beyond' performance.

    While no one but the immediate mgrs/VPs knows what the bonuses are for their folks.

    The CEO became heavily involved when shady stuff was happening (TL;DR) and he became obsessive in making sure the process was as fair as possible. The 'playing favorites' game was starting to spiral out of control.
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    @TwelveYearsADev > " It is known in that market though"

    I understand, our market is too.

    Into stamp collecting? You'll have no idea.

    Into sporting goods (hunting/fishing/camping), you'll definitely know who we are.
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    @PaperTrail our bonus formula is being "worked on" for the last 2.5 years, according to HR 😂

    Company goals are also not shared within the company. If we do well or bad people don't know why, we don't know what the goals that we achieved or missed were.
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    @PaperTrail > "The 'playing favorites' game was starting to spiral out of control."

    Quick example, a mgr was allocated $$$ for his department and he gave a (female) call agent a much higher percentage because of...um...how do I say this nicely...motives. She had almost no seniority, not the best call agent, but had big boobs and quite flirty with the mgr.

    Mistake was she bragged to other agents about her amount. Ex. like $1,200 vs the actual top call agent only getting $500 (I don't remember the exact amounts).

    I don't know how the mgr wasn't fired (he was fired later for another reason), but the poop hit the fan across the company after that incident.
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    @PaperTrail LOOOL

    I wish it was so simple to figure out why the company has not fired the EM/ENG I mentioned in the OP.. Rumour has it he is threatening to contact a left-leaning publication and provide them with "dirt"
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    @TwelveYearsADev > "Company goals are also not shared within the company"

    Didn't happen overnight, but we tend to over-share and over-communicate.

    Want to know the strategic plans for 2024, 2025, and beyond? Its all on the intranet project mgmt site (SharePoint). The good, bad, and ugly is out there for anyone to see.

    Previous mgrs wanted to hide certain bits from 'the public' (and I'm the SharePoint admin, so I'm always involved), but always shut down by the CEO. If you feel you need to hide an idea from employees, it's not worth discussing.
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    @PaperTrail > "I don't know how the mgr wasn't fired (he was fired later for another reason),"

    'Eric' was later fired for sexual harassment after a couple of call agents complained.

    Eric would offer advancement opportunities (raises, more hours, etc) if you would 'play ball', and we're 80% sure he was fooling around with one and was trying to get with another when she found out.

    One trick was Eric would start cutting hours, eventually forcing the agent to ask him why (a form of grooming?). He would schedule an after-hours private meeting to 'discuss' what she could do to get more hours. He played the game very well and knew how far to push the envelope.

    It hit us later...no wonder he fired all the women over 40, mostly only hired single girls in their 20s, and the only men were in their 40s (and most of them married). Eric always had target rich environment.
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    what I like about this rant is that i feel the OP is watching this with a confident smile.
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    @jestdotty the company bonuses were not 500$ lol

    More like plus 50% to 200% of your monthly salary, depending on your annual review

    Also, not everyone is American ;)
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    The point of bonuses is that the company doesn't need to pay it. That's why you don't factor it in real pay when you choose where you work.
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