I haven't been productive since the bs. (Refer to previous rant) And one deadline is approaching very fast.

My Christmas was ruined because I was anxious/annoyed/everything negative about the bs as well as being alone and stuck in a village. My new year has always been crap but this year it was extra crap.

Overall, I'm having none of the fun. My life is starting to feel like a deadend. I feel like I have to give up on my dreams to survive. And that no one is really on my side, despite whatever they say.

The ADHD rejection sensitivity is also heavily activated. Like I know that realistically I can fix this, but at this point I just want to break everything and let the ship sink.

I have lost time that I could be productive to this bs. And I wish nothing but misery for all those responsible for putting me in this situation. (I take responsibility for my mistakes, but not for how others behaved towards me)

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    If it helps. The world is about to end. Just do what makes you happy.

    That's how I'm coping these days
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    from a down it can only get up. You'll get back up!
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    @iceb Why do my eyes hurt?

    You've never used them before.
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    where do you Iive fam
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    Oh hey NoMad! I knew I was missing someone in the OG reunion thread!

    Ref: https://devrant.com/rants/10082177/...

    There are still a lot of OGs that I need to remember and tag.

    Good to see ya! As always!
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    @iceb seems like I’m hearing a lot of people going on about this imminent “end of the world”, but I don’t get what’s prompted it
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