I'm a bit tired of dev and applying for a customer support job for half my current income. During interview I already got promoted to technical support. Even dev job was possible, but I'm done. I've seen the wheel reinvented too much. Also, the looks of software became more important than ever and that's not something I do.

But I'm very positive now. I know the company already, they're great! Super culture! Always hired the right people and me once before as a py dev

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    I'm assuming that you got the job you wanted? In which case, congratulations 🎉
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    @SidTheITGuy one meeting left but it'll probably alright. Technical support is bit hard to find, if you are that technical, you'll probably want to grow further. But I was there, done that. I automated hosting services for a few year :) Now I'll do support on dem.

    I really feel happy about it. It's such a warm company. As you know, I care much about company and colleagues
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    Well make sure you start training for the role then. Here is a video to get you started:

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    @Demolishun omg. I gonna click on it. It's a rickrol, I'm sure.

    Edit: bwahahwu. Nice. I'm about to do some tech support. Some vhost configuring, htaccess blabla
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    @retoor it is better than a rickroll, promise.
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    @Demolishun lmao the best video for customer support ever
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