I hate Linux from the bottom of my heart.


I have a SLR camera. After a few shooting sessions I inserted my SD card into my Arch Linux machine. For some mysterious reason it wouldn't ever umount, saying target was busy (nothing opened on it btw). So I just removed my SD card and, alas: all of my photos are gone.

Anyone knows how to fix it?

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    testdisk & photorec
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    So because of what may be a shitty distro you are shitting the whole ecosystem? try what @theNox sugested
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    if you use arch then you probably not hating linux.

    but yeah i wouldn't want to use linux for media related stuff. Use the best tool for the job.
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    @theNox what she said. Oh and @Linux I'm not sure what you've done but this guy thinks you suck :/
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    Users always blames me and @Windows when they fuck up
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    @legionfrontier man, this is just a rant. Not a shitty distro though, I use Arch Linux, however, that's the problem with rolling release: first to get the fixes, first to get the bugs.
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    @theNox I'm trying this photo rescue guy
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    @theNox beautiful, it's working, currently recovering, photos are perfect.

    Thanks, now let's see if it will recover all of them.
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    @ezbie yup it saved my ass lots of times
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