Fear rules the world.

Why coercion? Because control. Why control? Because it gives better chances of survival. Why survival? Because fear of death is hardwired into us.

Why greed? Because money. Why money? Because wen day is dark, you need money to pay your way out. If you lose your job, you’ll still have money. It’s fear yet again.

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    Religion. Why religion. Because religion programs you to remain happy with poverty. Why should you be happy in poverty? Because religion says all you need is Jesus and God. Why? Because thats one if the solutions for wealthy to remain wealthier while you get stuck in poverty and think that's normal because you believe in God. And if you dont believe in God and try to chase money instead, religion threatens you to burn in fire forever and ever for the sole reason of non belief. This is how they control your mind so that even if you want to back out.. too late now, you have fear, "fear of hell" implanted and it controls you to remain happy in poverty
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    I would recommend this book if you are interested.

    It explains so much about people and the world.


    Talks about how tribes couldn't be of certain size or they'd fall apart until religion were introduced because fear was a much stronger motivator than rewards.

    And then talks about how religion cuts into kinship and how it influences people over time.

    I wasn't able to get through everything but it's very interesting to learn about this. (though the book could be a bit more interesting)
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    Fear sounds fun... ive always wanted to know what it's like personally
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    @awesomeest imagine a bunch of guys with ak-47’s running into your place shooting everywhere, feel different? That’s fear!
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    @awesomeest let’s have fun….imagine youre walking outside and come across a giant spider! The giant spider paralyses you and wraps you in a web. You’re like that for hours and every now and then it passes by you but does nothing. Then it starts feeling around you taking a few nibbles here and there to taste you out.

    Ok I’m scared 😰😰😰
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    Buried alive with rats taking over your coffin biting your legs
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    All my fears be washed away once I check my bank account
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    true af
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    @shovethisrant same here man. Especially when I have more money than I thought I have
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    @TeachMeCode nope and if youre really curious about non-hypothetical situatuons i didnt need to imagine... contact me *not here*
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