After 30 years in IT industry, I am not sure if I'm a novice or an expert. I don’t know anything.

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    I think I am slightly better. It took me 14 years to realise that
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    Jeebus. I started my first real engineering job in 1997. I had worked as tech a year before that. So in 2 to 3 years it will be 30 years.

    I remember people who worked similar jobs to me didn't have basic computer tech skills. It was up to me to figure out the "computer stuff". They really liked me because I knew enough hardware and software to glue everything together. Now I mostly do software. I feel like software is such a huge field that you can not know anything about a lot of things.
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    Well at this point I know that my work is to connect shit to crap that nobody would use at some point but now shit and crap are in front of public.

    As soon as you stick shit and crap together people from group A add more crap because they say this new crap would work better with this old shit.

    When you put more sticks suddenly people from group B say that this new shit is good we need this for this old crap.

    I just wait when shit and crap start to stink to disconnect it and connect it again using toilet paper.

    But as you put toilet paper on shit or crap it doesn’t last long until it breaks and becomes shit or crap so I put piles of toilet paper to hide the odor of shit and crap until new shit and crap loads to the system.

    As you can observe amount of shit and crap I need to put under toilet paper grows exponentially every year.

    I think you feel the same, you just want to understand what shit and crap is.

    Just ignore it and you will regain inner peace.
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    @vane is channeling his inner @b2plane
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    @Demolishun you got me, life is shit… or crap… or you can’t decide yet so you try to pretend it’s something else to impress crap or shit and eventually join one of them.
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    I plug computers in
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    At least you shifted to plain text posts.

    You realised it after 30 years, I did in 2.
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    "I know that I know nothing"


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    Since you are questioning your self I would lean towards expert ;)

    Or at least experienced.

    Sure a novice can question their ability, but if you keep questioning your self even after an extended time, that means you at least understand that there is things you still not know.

    A true novice will venture into the realm of “I know this now” and get stuck there doing the same mistakes over and over never learning anything important.
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    Damn, idk if I should feel dumb or proud that I knew this since day 0 and still chose this line
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    Good to know there's no escape from the valley 🫠
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    Oh. It’s gonna be the same after that many years too.
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    same for me every day, and i've been doing this for 10 years now
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