Finally found a place for your stickers. Think that'll work well.

h o e is on my p one.

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    Just a suggestion : it's not good place
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    @justwellbrock any advice for someone who wants to buy a 14" Thinkpad?
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    @1nfinite why? I don't care about screen resolution if you're considering that, I just want it for the keyboard.
    And what do you suggest in same price range?
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    @beleg the X1 carbon range is pretty good, I have a friend with one and he loves it.
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    @Jacobgc I owned an X1 Carbon (2016 model) and was rather unhappy with it. It feels like they made too many compromises in order to make it so thin. It just lacks the feeling of stability that a ThinkPad should provide.
    I recently bought a T470 to replace the X1, because it grew more annoying with each day. I'm much more happy with it than I ever was with the X1 Carbon.
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    @beleg I was actually just kidding, go for it (:
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    @irene I turned it of because I touch it all the time while writing stuff. I'm completely using the track-point now or an external mouse.

    Love the trackpoint, cause I don't have to move my hands off the keyboard *.*
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    @beleg I bought the T440s back then when it was new shit and had bad driver support. Now I would propably buy one generation off from the current.

    I like the T-Series because it just feels more robust. Also I basically exchanged/upgraded almost every piece except the Mainboard and CPU, which is why I love these notebooks.

    I go for the T440s instead of the T440 because it's a bit more slim and lightweight. A good compromise to the X-Series if you ask me.

    I also know someone with a X1 Carbon and it's really nice, lightweight and has power for 10 to 11 hours.

    If you are the type of tech nerd that buys new stuff every two years I would go for something cheaper, because T and X are built for the ages. Not really cost-effective then.
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    I think I have that same netbook! What's the model?
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    @linuxxx it's the T440s - pimped version with some extras (see one comment above ;)

    Replaced also the touchpad for the extra three buttons because the old_new design sucked.
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    @justwellbrock thanks. I guess I'll buy E470, similar but without SSD.
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    @beleg Don't buy an E-ThinkPad. They are horrible. They feel extremely cheap and are, from what I've heard, rather unreliable.
    Also, the SSD is basically always worth it. Much faster, more reliable and necessary if you want to get a decent battery life.
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    @linuxxx C'mon, now you have to reveal your model number too :D I'm curious!
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    @beleg yeah, well. I didn't want to lead you to the E-Series though /o\ As @3141 said, I also had a E for once and I replaced it after a year because was really poor quality. Also you should definitly not save on the SSD.

    Another series I bought for a friend was a Lenovo IdeaPad, which was surprisingly, for it's cheap price, not as terrible as the E-Series. Never compiled something on it though, so can't estimate it's true performance.
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    @justwellbrock Right forgot about that one haha, I'll try to remember to do that this evening!
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    @irene actually it does. Devrant seems to be quite transparent.
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