That's when I sold my bitcoins for wedding gift shopping.

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    DAMN! So unlucky :S
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    I meant "christmas gift shopping" :-/
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    @mBeierl whatever you meant, you had bad luck 😶
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    Good job! Are you happy now? Your little operation sent the market down tumbling and people lost faith in the currency of the gods.
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    @AndSoWeCode That was a hell of a christmas gift
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    One does not simply sell BTC.
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    @Kimmax meh, BTC is not much more than a shiny turd nowadays, only held afloat by all the dumb normies buying in and the big whales feeding off of their stupidity
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    But.... WHY?
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    I know how you feel. I got a home loan right when mortgage rates spiked for a few months. Kinda similar maybe?
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    @PreyK because hype
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    @spongessuck Well that sounds like a really big amount. I'm not thaaat generous with Christmas gifts ;-)
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    Yay, my first big "rant". I might've "lost" money selling my bitcoins at an unlucky date, but at least I get free devRant stickers 😁😀
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    I'm in the same boat, bought a load and sold them. It sucks but that's life.
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    Oh you silly goose.

    Bitcoin has the same pattern each time. Double in price, then drop by a quarter. Repeat. Seems to repeat once a quarter.
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    @codePatrol yeah.. but... needed to buy christmas gifts :-P
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    @codePatrol reading about Elliott wave theory will blow your mind then! ;)
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    This becomes worse every day...
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    But most important your family isn't happy
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    @codumke *is sorry my fault
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