Ow surprise surprise, ofcourse i don’t get any kind of salary increase at this fucking shit company im working at. Because nobody see’s the work i actually do and everyone is just guessing im eating out of my nose all day.
Seriously, i had to work 1.5 jobs because a colleage left but there is no credit for anything i do here. Friday im going to contact recruiters. Fk this shit!

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    Visibility is a skill. You don't need to wait for someone else to notice you, you can be noticable.

    Go work on it and you'll make more money. It sucks but that's the game.
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    Visibly is a skill sounds like it's the only skill that would benefit you
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    @lungdart sure but at the same time, what happens when nobody at work gives a shit about what you do even though you try to involve them in the process without using too much technical jargon, to make them understand how important the work you do is. Let's call it what it is, hand holding basically. But as soon as you leave, the company would start burning like a pile of coal lol.

    You can try to improve your visibility if you are not skilled at it assuming people care, but otherwise might as well fuck off elsewhere.

    Sometimes, issues at work can be explained by "I work with morons".
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    @PepeTheFrog sounds like when I did devops and cloud architecture.

    You need to get better at showing impact. And if you're not a steam of revenue, you're a cost center and it's going to be much harder to show that impact.

    Your co-workers don't care, you're manager probably doesn't care, but above that they should, and that's what really matters. Generate reports that show the revenue that your work enables and be sure to show them during reviews.
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