❌ EXTREME discretion is advised. Potential infohazard below. ❌

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    My whole body was covered in scars and crudely put together with ugly seams, all covered in rash. I didn’t know why it was this way, but it looked like I survived some kind of accident. Some time ago, I met a guy on Tinder. We went to his place. It was brand stinking new, no clothes or anything, almost no utensils, everything squeaky clean. “How long do you live here for?”, I asked. “Five years”, he replied, putting a fresh Nespresso pod in. Then, smalltalk, and after that, nothingness. I woke up botched, having no idea about how much time had passed. Maybe this is how kidnapping looks like.

    “It is time”, he said, laying me down. A slit was opening just above my belly button, direct access to my stomach. They do this kind of thing to some farm animals to control what they eat, adding something to the mix occasionally.
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    Apple pulp poured out, infested with maggots. “Yeah”, he said, spreading oatmeal over my pubis, “They gotta have something to eat”. Not even bothering with a condom, he went in.

    “See those rubber mice? You have to catch them all. They’re multiplying, so hurry up”. I’m there, on the floor, catching silicone-looking black and white mice. Initially, I was wiping them to make sure they’re at least moderately clean, but after five minutes of rush, I wasn’t bothering with that anymore.

    “Now, eat them”. I obliged. A black and white, homogenous, Oreo-like paste went out after I chewed them thoroughly. “You gotta figure out how to use it”. The sun was setting.

    By the morning, everyone on the internet had a picture of me with maggots and oatmeal as their avatar. Though, you know what? We can’t go faster than light, but a picture can, at least in this world. It means it will all be over eventually. At least, I hope so.
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    Could be worse.
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    Those dreams you have are awesome raw materials for a zine.

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    @NeatNerdPrime yup, reminds me of Clive Barker's
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    Prime opportunity to become a modern Lovecraft.
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