Woohooo, I'm going to Tokyo!
Our paper was accepted to a robotics conference. We have the pleasure of playing with tiny drones, and we get paid and rewarded for it!

(The girl in the video is my amazing collaborator, Hanna)

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    Why is the drone so slow btw? And why does it go up & down?
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    Look forward to the papers!

    I'm a big fan of your robotics projects and actually jealous even :-)
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    @retoor Because Hanna is flying it without directly seeing it, just through the images that are sent to the laptop. The wifi module onboard is weak - bandwidth and latency issues.
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    That drone is adorable, congratulations!
    Enjoy the food.
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    I'm assuming you're using opencv for this. Is the feed being fed to a separate machine or onboard? Congrats! Here's your first JP word that you need to practice: SUMIMASEN!
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    @fruitfcker We are not using OpenCV. The onboard computing unit doesn't even have a real OS. We have our own deployment pipeline for running quantized inference onboard.
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    Very cool - the speed of the detection mapping is super impressive. I can’t imagine the work that went in. Hope you win an award!
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    That's amazing! You should be very proud of yourself. I checked out some of your robotic projects and I think it's all really cool! I too, work with robots - though they're not the kind that move around, more the industrial type. :-)
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    Wow, what an incredible achievement! Getting your paper accepted to a robotics conference in Tokyo is a huge deal. https://fnfgo.org
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    Congratulations on the paper!! Must've worked real hard on it.
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