Being a woman is terrifying. You walk down the street and realize that EVERY single man is strong enough to physically overpower you, should he want to do to you the thing you don't want. Even given that this heinous act has legal repercussions in some countries, what's done is done, and you'll have to live with the trauma forever.

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    And not to mention that if there were legal repercussions, the trauma is brushed off A LOT by lawyers.
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    I'm so sorry it has happened to you.
    The only thing I can say is that tomorrow can be a brighter day.
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    and now combine that with the fact that women AREN'T more likely to be assaulted than men, statistically speaking.

    the better wording would be "being a human is terrifying" with the addendum "because humans are terrifying"
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    @tosensei if you're an average height man without martial arts training, you have roughly 50/50 chance against other men. If you're an average woman without martial arts training, your chances drop to pretty much zero. Also, same height and weight men tend to perform better in sports than women. You have to live with this thought walking down the street in the evening.
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    @NeatNerdPrime well, things were different for me. My first sexual intercourse happened when I was fifteen, it was involuntary, and it was with a woman.
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    Being a woman is difficult, I acknowledge it, but being a guy is not that easy either.

    There's a reason most people have a 10 pm inside-the-house rule.

    You stay out late or go to spots where you shouldn't be, you're gonna get in trouble no matter whether you're a guy or a girl.

    And no, "EVERY" single man isn't capable of over-powering you, its just illogical to say that.
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    They just wanna cuddle
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    @retoor fun fact: it takes just fifteen kilograms to rip someone ear off. So, if you "cuddle" me without my consent, kiss those ears goodbye
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    >> without martial arts training.

    There you have it. They exist for a reason.

    If you live in a society where this may happen, don't expect society to magically change. Be prepared.

    Not saying that it isn't terrible, but if that's the way it is, again, be prepared.

    I was bullied when I was a kid. Just *once*.

    Teachers did jack shit, so I took it upon myself.

    Some months later the teeth of the bully were on my boot.

    No bullying happened ever again.

    You'd be surprised at how effective just some basic techniques that can be learned in mere weeks can be.
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    @CoreFusionX “don’t expect society to change, be prepared” — you’re blaming victims.
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    @kiki he's not blaming victims. He's just pointing out that we need to be prepared and live in the reality of how bad the world is really.
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    @SidTheITGuy exactly.

    @kiki You said it yourself. Even if there are legal consequences, the trauma *stays*.

    Man or woman, if someone is out to hurt you, they will unless you are prepared.

    Hence my opinion, don't expect things to magically change. By all means, promote change, but in the meantime, *be prepared*.
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    incapacitate any man by hitting them in the balls, when they are clenching down holding their pathetic equipment poke one of their eyes out.

    Run and scream like crazy.
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