On his first week at job, the junior says:

Hey guys! Check out this new website I found! You'll thank me later.

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    See it this way: He found a website that could be helpfull and didn't keep to himself. He shared.

    But I see your point. A "dev" who doesn't know SO?!
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    Would have been cool if it was devRant and he shares it 😀
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    Haha soon!
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    you mean he graduated, and got a job, without ever going to SO?!? he's that good??!
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    he must be the best graduate ever... zero plagiarism 😀
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    Hey! My first SO question was downvoted 100x. Yay!!
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    Even professors in my college does not know SO.
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    @noisyass2 I don't think he graduated, nobody graduates without SO 🤔
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    I myself graduated (albeit took longer than most) and got a job without ever even knowing about stackoverflow
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    @fredrf I think this is actually very nice from him. I didn't know SO before getting graduate.
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    is it just me or are there others who used experts exchange prior to SO? the transition was smooth once experts exchange became a paid membership
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    Is it just me or are junior devs portrayed as total idiots on here? Just wondering
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    @liammartens nope, they are. We laugh at the sheer stupidity that tends to stem from the inexperienced
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    @sylar congratulations, you must have asked an interesting question which warranted subjective answers... SO doesn't take kindly to those.
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    @mcarrera dude I bet it was you 🙊
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    @liveCoder me too buddy. Took 12 years but they were the best 12 damn years of my life. Anyone remember sourceforge? Ewwww.
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    And that's when you go "Awwww look at how cute he is" :)
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    @Jumpshot44, today I got to tell my colleagues about this awesome community! Yey
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    > need to install some software last updated in 2003
    > official site links download page @ suckforge.com
    > "Please wait, your download will be ready in 9 seconds..."
    > unpleasant-nostalgia.jpg
    > click "download now" button
    > run program
    > crashes.
    > spend hour scouring forums figuring out issue.
    > last published version is utterly broken, need to downgrade
    > go to suckforge.com
    > try to find version listing
    > no binaries for version you're looking for
    > curl up into ball
    > die
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    So, they didn't know how to use Google correctly?
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    he's just trying to prove that he is indeed a junior noon developer
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    @flag0 noob* effing autocorrect
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    I assume that one the next week he shared the github.com :)
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    it is funny, nowadays you can score a job by just saying that you know stack overflow and GitHub lol
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    - Said no Junior ever.
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    Aaaaw so cute...
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