this could be the final nail in the coffin for me.

so. fed up.

someone came and wrapped all the function with
Promise. And async callback.


57 functions.

now you have an extra try catch in it.

I counted.

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    assuming you're using (neo)vim, as thy name implies, you can easily fix it once and repeat it 56 times using a macro.
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    it works, that is the problem. its already in release.

    +6,859 −4,944

    and I don't know what other seniors are doing.
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    What is the motivation to do this? I have seen other code in Godot that got turned into async calls and I didn't understand the reason for this. I wanted immediate results for what I was doing and didn't understand why they wanted them async. Maybe something to do with rendering vs control logic. I dunno.

    I don't do web work, but I get that you want calls not to block.
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    Oops, they added await for the calls I was looking at. I guess that is very different from async.
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    They probably added async because they wanted to await and node bitched (legitimately) about it.

    It definitely shows they don't understand what's going on when they return the promise resolve or reject..., which is not needed, not serves any purpose since those two functions return undefined anyway...

    Still, any function that includes networking should be async anyway.
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    I mean, async is like a virus. It infects everything that touches it.

    Thing is, if you wanna keep the benefits of awaiting, you need to be async. There's no other workaround.
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    It would make sense if the outer method wasn't async. Now you have to await it twice for no reason.
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    @spongessuck no, await resolves all nested promised
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