True Story
Happens everytime coz new programmers don't have the patience to read old answers and try to understand them.

I have been programming for 1.5 years and I never needed to ask a single question.

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    If you've never had to ask a so question then the problems you are working on are to simple
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    @stevemk14ebr 90% of the time I don't have to ask. I don't what's simple or complex I just shared my opinion.

    And for simple. No matter whatever complex app you are building you'll always have enough questions on that topic and last hit and trial makes you a better programmer as a whole. Just my opinion though.
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    I asked 2 questions on so, the first i ended up answering after a few months, the second is more of computer theory so (surprise) nobody answered, because so is full of people who know jackshit about CS
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    Other than people falling over themselves to suggest duplicates, that image hasn’t been my experience on SO...

    ...Try *answering* a question on SO (or any other *.se site) and it’s pretty well on the mark, though...
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    I've been programming for 4 years and I've had to ask one question so far.
    Trust me, eventually you'll be desperate enough to ask on SO.
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    I highly doubt and despise anyone who tells me he never asked questions, theres nothing wrong in doing so, just have some small research yourself before you do. Usually people that do not ask, end up having their own code roots that are ugly and unbearable - exactly because they rarely ever asked or learned from somebody else.
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    1.5 is not long at all youngun,

    You'll at some point write something really complicated and cause an issue thats a pain in the ass to describe for a search engine to get you the right results :)
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    I think he means that he never had to ask because there's already a large wealth of wuestions and answers already available
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    40% of new SO questions do not contain full sentences or are written with such bad grammar you wonder how it looks in the author's head and whether they are telepathic or something because they never learnt how to compose sentences.

    10% can be answered by Googling for the question title.

    10% are 1:1 homework assignment, sometimes even just a photo of the homework.

    30% of the questions are so generic and do not contain any code, it's impossible to answer without further questions.

    10% of the questions are legit, but usually still need edits and many are closed as duplicates because people didn't know the right search keywords
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    You're funny, I think I'm going to subscribe to your rants lol @jespersh
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    7 years, never have an account on Stack Overflow, yet. I only submitted questions on GitHub issues, individual forums and discussion.

    // But I admit I am just a poor web developer.
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