OK, we all hate Gates, Elon or LTT for some reason. All heroes in my eyes. Ok, I do cringe at some LTT stuff, especially when about Linux.

I've read a book about Gates (Very bad one), about Elon and Jobs. So, I think I investigated well.

But there, a list from people we all hate for some reason. Question is, who's your tech hero?

For me, it's Robert Nystrom. But being a dictator of own project like Torvalds is my dream

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    Oh fuck, someone just reminded me about TechLead. He's my most hated! Fuuuuck, what a guy
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    nobody. heroes, idols and role models are for the weak.

    also: i don't hate gates or musk. they're the same level of garbage as the rest of us, more or less. i just hate the _hype_ around them and their fanboys.

    (except for that i honestly believe _nobody_ could _ever_ become this rich without being a manipulative, cheating arsehole)
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    John Carmack.
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    > "Question is, who's your tech hero"

    Can't name just one. Couple of random fellas, in no particular order:

    Billy Hollis (look up his video on code addiction)

    Scott Hanselman
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    Gates is a POS. (Won't go into this.)

    Elon gets street cred for creating Mastodon. But was/is a POS for Paypal.

    Wozniak, because I don't know much about him other than he was an epic engineer. I refuse to learn more about him to not shatter my image of him.

    ID software is where all the cool kids came from.

    Linus Torvalds because he created competition and lasting forever legacy of technical excellence.
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    i actually met my hero. wouldn't recommend.
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    You can’t beat Linus Torvalds.
    With Linux and git, how much more of an impact on the tech world can you have?
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    Stallman would want a word with you. He gets mad when people attribute (GNU/)Linux to just Torvalds.

    Seems to be more chill now tho.
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    I do not idolize people. But I greatly admire the work of Anders Hejlsberg, Linus Torvalds, Andrew Tenenbaum, Yukihiro Matsumoto, Ginger Bill and Andrew Kelley as well as Guy Steele. All of them did things for Comp Sci that I greatly appreciate in both tangible things(stuff that we can use) and PL design and advancement.

    Again, just a fan, not necessarily my "heroes" my only hero is Spiderman.
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    Bill Gates demolished both the computer and medical industries. One of the evilest criminals alive.
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    @novasurp and now demolishing food!
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    Heroes: Dennis Ritchie, Brian Kernighan for Unix, Bill Joy for vi

    I don't hate. Too much stress.
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    @retoor "My wife left... for being a millionaire. I just fired from Facebook... but first, our sponsor for today's video, AlgoExpert"
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    I'm a hater. I have no heroes, only grudges. Speaking of which, I really wish I could feed Taylor Otwell to the crows.
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    my tech hero is hands-down Devine Lu Linvega.
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